ABE - Adult Basic Education (Pre-GED)
Before a student is moved into the Adult Basic Education Classes (ABE) or General Educational Preparation Classes (GED) they will take a placement test, The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). This exam will assess the student in the areas of reading, math and language performance levels. 
Based on the TABE exam, if a student is found to need help in reading, math and/or language, they will receive instruction from our qualified staff to gain improvement in any skills they need help with. Once, they have mastered those skills, the student will be moved into GED preparation classes. 
The length of the ABE class varies according to the student's academic needs. 
GED - General Educational Development
The purpose of this program is to prepare students to obtain the necessary skills required to pass the official GED Test and be awarded the STATE of FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. Subject areas covered are math, science, language and social studies. 
AAAE - Applied Academics for Adult Education
This program is designed to provide instruction to students who need to improve reading, language arts, or mathematics skills, in order to prepare for a training program that  they have chosen. The student is given the TABE assessment and if the results indicate a need for instruction in any areas, they will receive remediation.  After remediation, the student will be re-assessed.
This program is competency based, thus completion time depends on the progress of each individual. 
OUR programs are conveniently designed to provide instruction through face-to-face, online and traditional classroom experiences with assisted learning from our experienced and well-trained teachers and staff. For anyone 18 and above, we provide flexible schedules to accommodate the student.