Our mission is to strive to provide a supportive learning environment that is responsive to the unique academic potential and realistic educational and career goals of all students, with the purpose of assisting each individual to better meet the challenges of career and community. 
  • WE BELIEVE that adult students must be self-directed learner, accepting responsibility for their own education and engaging with teachers to gain academic understanding.
  • WE BELIEVE that adult students must be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy to experience success in our school.
  • WE BELIEVE that adult students should understand their own academic starting ponts as defined by our pre-test, and be involved in setting realistic educational goals.
  • WE BELIEVE that adult students learn at different rates and in different modalities.  Thus, individualized instruction and self-paced programs, provide the opportunity for students to progress as rapidly as their individual abilities allow.
  • WE BELIEVE that educational and real-world life skills are fundamental to problem solving and critical thinking, and thus are an integral part of all our academic programs.
  • WE BELIEVE that adult programs should provide opportunities to encourage personal and social growth, thus leading to communication skills necessary for productive employment and effective citizenship.
  • WE BELIEVE that all students can learn but realize not every student benefits from the requirements at our school.  Therefore, we have honest conversations and make appropriate referrals as needed, when data indicates a student is continuously not experiencing success at JCAE.