What is TAPP?

The Teen Age Parenting Program (TAPP) is a voluntary program designed to provide comprehensive and ancillary services to students who are either pregnant or already teen parents and the children of these students. 
The purpose of TAPP is to facilitate the completion of coursework necessary for students to earn a high school diploma.
Program components include a specialized curriculum and the following ancillary services:  childcare, health services, social services, parent education and transportation. 
Students are enrolled in online academic courses that will advance their progress toward a high school diploma.  These online classes are completed in a classroom environment under the supervision of a teacher and a paraprofessional. 
Contact the following staff for more program information:
Corla Washington, Teacher
(850)482-9617 Ext. 31261
Jamie Barwick, Paraprofessional
(850)482-9617 Ext. 31260